Celebrating Energy Efficiency Experts in Columbia

Did you know the energy we use makes up 70% of Columbia's greenhouse gas emissions?

We're on a mission to change that.

Making our buildings more energy efficient is an important way to save us money and help the planet. Our City team is on the case!

DPW to the Rescue!

The City of Columbia would like to recognize the contributions of Mark McDow, Kyle Calcote, Chris Manly, and Glenn Cobbins, four Parking Utility workers who conceived of and implemented a plan to convert the existing City parking garage light fixtures into energy-efficient LED lights. 

By taking advantage of an existing rebate program in order to help fund the project, they were able to convert a total of 325 parking garage light fixtures into LED at minimal cost to the City.

The four Parking Utility workers were recognized as part of the Major Cost Savings Incentive Program, a City endeavor intended to reward employees who use creativity to ensure that resources are being used efficiently. 

They were presented their awards by City Manager De'Carlon Seewood.

Based on Water and Light's analysis, their work will reduce energy consumption by 215,095 kWh per year for an annual energy savings of $21,509.49. The City also expects the LED bulbs to last twice as long as ordinary bulbs for an estimated $7,100 in bulb replacement costs every five years.

Inspired by this cash-saving creativity? Energy efficiency tips can help you save big in your home or business. 

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