Show Me the Heat

Last summer, community science volunteers collected data during a one-day heat mapping campaign. Explore the data and learn more about the impacts of urban heat!

Heat Mapping Campaign

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Introducing Our Community Resilience Organizer

"My name is Corrina McClee, and I am the new Community Resilience Organizer with the Office of Sustainability. My position was developed following the Show Me The Heat Campaign to educate people about urban heat and to empower them to be involved in the decision-making processes that affect them. 

When I'm not actively fighting against climate change, I enjoy going to the park with my three-year-old son, gardening, cooking, and traveling the world. I also own my own skincare business. I'm a total fanatic when it comes to herbs, and you can typically find me in my kitchen producing all kinds of concoctions.

As the new Community Resilience Organizer, I look forward to educating and empowering people to be the change they want to see. I'm excited to be in this role with the City. I look forward to bridging the gap between community and governance to provide equitable, community-based solutions to combat urban heat." 

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Our Show Me the Heat campaign is a collaborative effort. Community volunteers have driven data collection and local agencies and community organizations are helping to organize the campaign and ensure the data we've collected is used to mitigate urban heat in Columbia.

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