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Inside Clean Energy: Here Are 3 States to Watch in 2021

This year, we will be watching Massachusetts and Illinois, which are poised to pass major clean energy legislation

Dan Gearino - 01-23-2021

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FEMA Grants Will Pay To Repair N.H. Dams That Could Cause Disasters If They Failed

New Hampshire will offer a new federal grant program to rehabilitate some of its dozens of so-called “high hazard&...

Annie Roepik - 09-28-2020

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An extreme weather pattern is setting up across the central US

Temperatures are set to feel hotter in the Central US than in Death Valley, California.

Pedram Javaheri - 07-16-2020

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Columbia suspends curbside recycling collection

Residential curbside recycling collection in Columbia will be suspended beginning Wednesday until further notice.

Columbia Daily Tribune - 07-16-2020

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More U.S. Homes Are at Risk of Repeat Flooding

The number of repeatedly flooded properties rose from 150,000 in 2009 to 214,000 in 2018—a 43% increase.

Thomas Frank - 07-10-2020

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April 2020 was Earth’s 2nd hottest April on record

April became the third month in a row to rank second-hottest on record for the globe.

NOAA - 05-26-2020

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Hydropower plants to support solar and wind energy

Hydropower plants can support solar and wind power, rather unpredictable by nature, in a climate-friendly manner. 

WN - 05-26-2020

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Rebuilding recycling to go circular

After the coronavirus pandemic has passed, the world will need solutions to repair our economy in a way that protects bo...

GreenBiz - 05-26-2020

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Reduced Demand for Electricity Leads to Power Giveaways

The pandemic is turning energy markets upside-down. Some consumers will get paid for using electricity.

New York Times - 05-26-2020