Electric School Buses Can Fight – or Further — Inequity in the US

Students from low-income and communities of color — ride diesel-powered buses that regularly expose them to toxic fumes....

Elizabeth Moses - 02-01-2023

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Midwest Farmers Using Cover Crops Take Small Yield Hit

Wind, snowmelt, and rain can remove topsoil and nutrients from fields and carry them into the Mississippi River.

NASA - 02-01-2023


US Emissions of the World’s Most Potent Greenhouse Gas Are 56 Percent Higher Than EPA Estimates, a New Study Shows

Electric utilities are likely responsible for the nation’s higher than expected emissions of sulfur hexafluoride.

Phil McKenna - 02-01-2023

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Greener School Playgrounds Are An Overlooked Climate Solution

Sustainable playgrounds are not talked about enough.

Nexus Media - 02-01-2023

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No, the feds aren't coming for your gas stove. But these unhealthful appliances still need to go.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission should better inform the public about the health risks gas stoves pose.

The Los Angeles Times - 01-24-2023

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Minimizing waste is a climate imperative

Waste minimization has a major role to play in allowing us to meet the goal of reducing emissions.

Mark Haim - 01-24-2023

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A zero emissions future without the mining boom

A new report finds that the U.S. can reduce lithium demand by up to 90 percent.

Blanca Berget & Laylla Younes - 01-24-2023

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Can cities eliminate heat-related deaths in a warming world? Phoenix is trying.

Phoenix hopes a new Office of Heat Response can move fast enough to counter the impacts of deadly heat.

Emma Loewe - 01-24-2023

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‘Completely game-changing’: How states are using $27 billion in green financing to unlock even more funds

In recent years, several states have created or helped fund specialized banks that lend money for climate projects.

Alex Brown - 01-17-2023